Surgery Center

Tyler Laser and Surgery Center | AAAHC Certified Excellence

Thank you for choosing Heaton Laser & Surgery Center. Our outpatient surgery center is designed, with the most technologically advanced equipment and specially trained medical team, to ensure the most up-to-date care.


Heaton Laser and Surgery Center has achieved the highest level of accreditation possible for a Surgery Center. Not only have we received numerous awards and accolades we also have a thousands of satisfied patients. One of our patients said,

“I have never felt so taken care of in a medical facility. All of my questions were answered and the nurses and doctors paid so much attention to me, I felt completely cared for.”

Our surgeon and team of specially trained nursing and technical staff are particularly sensitive to the needs of our patients undergoing surgical eye procedures. We look forward to serving you and providing a safe and pleasant environment for you and your family.

If you have specific questions about your surgery or recovery, please call your surgeon’s office.



Your pre-registration begins with your consent to have surgery at Heaton Laser & Surgery Center.

The surgery center staff will pre-certify your procedure with your insurance company and verify your insurance coverage.

You will receive a separate bill from Heaton Laser & Surgery Center for the facility fee charges, Heaton Eye Assocaites for the surgeon’s fee and East Texas Anesthesiology Associates for anesthesiology fees.

The surgery center’s financial counselor will contact you by telephone prior to your surgery. Please have the following available for the telephone interview:

  • Insurance Cards
  • Driver’s License
  • Government or CHAMPUS forms, if applicable
  • Social Security Card

Please bring this information to the surgery center with you on the day of your surgery.


The Day Before Surgery

A Registered Nurse will call to confirm the time you need to arrive for your surgery.

The nurse will review any medication instructions.

You should NOT eat or drink after midnight the night prior to your surgery.

Should you have any questions regarding your arrival time and surgery center finances, please do not hesitate to call the surgery center at (903) 526-0444.


The Day of Surgery

Please leave any valuable jewelry at home. Weare a loose comfortable shirt, preferably one that buttons in the front.

If your insurance coverage is through Medicaid, you must bring a current copy of your Medicaid letter specifying coverage for the month in which you are having surgery.

Please limit the number of family members/friends with you at the surgery center to two due to the limited space in our private surgery center waiting area.