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Improved Vision After Cataract Surgery

If you have been diagnosed with cataracts and are undergoing cataract surgery, you have an option on the lens implant you choose for your vision. If you elect to have cataract surgery using a basic lens implant, chances are you’ll be very happy. But, you’ll most likely need to wear glasses driving and reading.

Beyond Basic Cataract Surgery

If your desire is to reduce the need for glasses while reading a newspaper, driving at night, working on a computer or seeing the dinner menu, then a Lifestyle Lens implant might be for you.

At Heaton Eye Associates, we offer a wide-range of Lifestyle Lens implants which can greatly improve your vision to see near, far and everything in-between.

Most patients who receive a Lifestyle Lens implant can do most things, most of the time without glasses!

Learn About Your Correction Options

lense_1Option One: 

Standard Lens Implants

  • Great vision with glasses
  • Removes cloudy lens and replaces with a new, clearer one, reducing visual haze.
  • Typically still requires the use of glasses or contacts for distance, intermediate, and near vision.

lense_1Option Two: 

Reading Glasses Only

  • Provides excellent distance vision.
  • Reading glasses are required.
  • If necessary to fine-tune your distance vision, LASIK is included at 3 months post-operatively at no cost.

lense_1Option Three: 

Visual Freedom With Lifestyle Lenses

  • Typically allows freedom from glasses for 85% of activities. Reading glasses may need to be worn occasionally.
  • Utilize a Lifestyle Lens Implant such as Crystalens, ReStore, or Tecnis Multifocal to restore both distance and near vision. We also offer the AcrysoftToric Lens for correction of astigmatism.
  • If necessary to fine-tune your vision, LASIK is included at 3 months post-operatively at no cost.

Learn About Your Lens Options

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