ICLs – Visian, Verisyse

Visian ICL

If you suffer from moderate to severe nearsightedness, then glasses or contacts are likely part of your daily routine. Now, there’s a more convenient answer for improved vision: the Visian ICL™.

The Visian ICL™ is an implantable contact lens that is inserted into the eye for permanent vision correction. Often times, this advanced technology is the best chance for optimized vision for patients that suffer from nearsightedness.


  • Great results: provides an excellent chance for life without glasses or contacts
  • Safe: Visian ICL™ lenses have been successfully implanted in over 55,000 eyes worldwide
  • Maintenance-free: permanent solution to bothersome contact lenses
  • Removable: can be removed if results are inadequate, although patients rarely request to do so
  • Invisible: after it is implanted, it cannot be seen by the naked eye
  • Minimally invasive: implanting is fast and virtually painless
  • Biocompatible: made from Collamer, a highly biocompatible copolymer


In clinical trials performed for the Visian ICL™, it was found that:

  • 95% of patients had 20/40 eyesight or better without glasses or contact lenses, allowing them to drive a car without the need for corrective eyewear
  • 59% of patients achieved 20/20 vision or better
  • 92% of patients were very satisfied or extremely satisfied with the improvement of their vision



verisyselogoThe Verisyse™ Phakic Intraocular Lens (IOL) is used to treat moderate to severe myopia, the medical term for nearsightedness. With over 18 years of use and 150,000 procedures performed worldwide, results prove that the Verisyse™ design is safe and effective for very nearsighted people who are tired of thick glasses and are not candidates for LASIK.

How Verisyse™ Works

The procedure involves placing the Verisyse™ Phakic IOL behind your cornea and on top of your iris. This gives your eye another focusing lens that provides high-quality, high-definition vision like a normal eye. Although the Verisyse™ Phakic IOL is intended to be permanent, the procedure is reversible if desired.

The word “phakic” means that your natural crystalline lens is left in the eye. This is important because your natural lens plays an important role in helping your eye adjust between seeing objects that are near and far.

About the Verisyse™ Procedure

veris_lensImplanting the Verisyse™ Phakic IOL is an outpatient procedure that takes around 15 to 30 minutes. Usually, one eye is treated at a time. The procedure goes as follows:

  1. Drops are placed in your eyes in order to reduce the pupil size.
  2. For better access to your eye, your doctor uses an instrument to comfortably hold your eyelids open during the procedure.
  3. A local anesthetic is given to sedate the eye, so the procedure is virtually painless.
  4. A small incision is made in the cornea for the Verisyse™ Phakic IOL to be placed in the space between the iris and the cornea.
  5. The Verisyse™ Phakic IOL is centered in front of the pupil (the black part in the center of your eye), and is gently attached to the iris (the colored part of your eye) to hold the lens in place.
  6. The small incision is closed with microscopic stitches that dissolve on their own.
  7. A temporary shield is placed over your eye to protect it during the time just after the procedure.

How the Verisyse lens looks in your eye.

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